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Marathwada Institute of Technology (Architecture),Aurangabad

MIT is the pioneer Institute to impart technical education in Architecture in the Marathwada as well as Central Maharashtra region (Since 1984). Mission of the School: To develop the students from different backgrounds into competent and versatile Professional who can develop goods to the society under recognized constraints, while addressing appropriate issues.

Broad Objectives Of The Course:

  • The objective of the course is to make the students understand the significance of various issues of Design for a given context.
  • The intention is to induce the students to evolve the Architecture which has essence, directness and modesty through humanistic and sustainable design solutions.
  • The behavior needs of different user group and symbiotic relationship between the built and un built spaces should be properly acknowledged in above climate while harnessing the solar energy.
  • In the initial stages of learning, students learn to tackle simple basic issues & gradually towards the higher level, he is expected to tackle the issues increasing in number and complexity.
  • The graphical drawing and presentation is one of our medium of expression. Students are trained to explore the possibility of conveying their ideas and concepts with various skills of presentation.

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