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"Quest for Excellence" in pedagogy Human beings are evolving and a key enabler of this evolutionary process is knowledge which is helping us demystify and understand the nature. MIT treats education as a continuous process of human development, aptly represented by its vision statement of "Quest for Excellence" in pedagogy.


We are committed to provide education and training in Architecture, Engineering, Management, Agriculture, Technology, Medicine and Paramedical spheres to enable aspiring students to develop their fullest potential in their chosen areas through:

  • Structured programs evolving with the times
  • Offering opportunities to go beyond the prescribed curriculum
  • Collaboration and cooperation with industry and institutions
  • Employee empowerment at all levels
  • Innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship support
  • Dedicated, experienced and well qualified faculty
  • State of the art laboratories & libraries
  • Well-appointed classrooms & infrastructure
  • Relevant research & development program


To help students identify and meet academic and career objectives

  • To offer educational and training programs to strengthen basic foundation and help develop in-depth knowledge and requisite skills
  • To work with students to develop competencies required to accept global challenges and meet and exceed requirements of the industry
  • To offer continuous training opportunities to employees to excel in their sphere of activity
  • To offer conducive environment for employees to develop entrepreneurial spirit and sense of ownership
  • To identify, review and continually enhance the key performance parameters consistent with the vision and mission

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Gramaudyogik Shikshan Mandal (GSM)
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